Storm Damage/Insurance Claims

We’ll Fiercely Represent Your Best Interests

We Offer Unparalleled Roof Claim Assistance in Middletown, CT, the Shoreline, & Central Connecticut

After a storm hits your roof, it's hard to know the next steps. At Imperial Roofing & Home Improvement, LLC, we're here to help overcome this stressful situation in the triumphant side. We take pride in providing roof claim guidance to clients in Middletown, CT, the Shoreline, and Central Connecticut. Our professionals have your best interests in mind and can guide you every step of the way.
Your Safety Is Our Priority

Dealing with roof storm damage can be difficult, but you don’t have to go through this situation alone. As highly experienced and skilled roofing professionals, we can make a roof checklist to determine the type of damage to your roof and evaluate its extent. From there, we can determine whether you need a new roof or repair parts of it. Once we’re done with the assessment, we’ll go above and beyond to represent your best interests when negotiating with your insurance agency.

For us, your safety comes first! We do a roof inspection to pinpoint commonly overlooked damages that help you in your roof claim case. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that you have a sturdy roof over your head.

We’re Your Go-to Roofing Insurance Claim Experts

When you work with us, you choose to leave your roof in good hands. Dealing with a stubborn insurance agency is not what you should be doing right after experiencing damage to your roof. Leave the hard work for us, and we guarantee that you’ll end up triumphant in your claim. We have trained eyes to find any damage such as roof hail damage or wind-damaged roof. Our team in Middletown, CT, is your ally and will make you feel at ease.

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